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April 27, 2005


Well, now I'm going to be imagining what an ultra-Orthodox Merry Maid would do. (Put the cheese and the meat on different refrigerator shelves?)

I'm trying to think of the Christian equivalent of this, and I really can't. It isn't like our Lutheran youth group is going to go around and drop off bread and wine at non-parishoners' homes.

Regardless, it was a nice gesture.

If, however, five years from now, you only leave your house while wearing a bright red wig, then I guess it would be the Dovs' influence.

I get unsolicited stuff from Chabad all the time. It's more of a marketing thing, I think. Don't take it personally. You should write them a check if you feel so inclined, but they aren't expecting one.

OTOH, my house sounds a little too much like yours, so maybe the poverty thing makes sense...

OE: Nope, no wig for me. I have enough bad hair days without one. Though sadly enough, I have a friend who just started wearing a wig -- because of chemotherapy.

PT: Well, there goes another good guilt trip. Thanks for the tip though. I never knew anyone Chassidic even while living in New York and S. Florida, so I've no idea what to expect other than old, worn stereotypes that obviously aren't holding true. But messy homes are universal.

special matzah elves!

that one elicited a big laugh. it's a good thing i have a jewish workplace, albeit one where i should't be checking my email. ;)

Nice story. Happy Passover, Anne.


Thanks everybody. Hope everyone's Passover is going well and you had fabulous seders.

Anne, sorry to hear about your friend. I've had two co-workers who went through chemo and came out fine, and one relative (my mother in law) who didn't. I hope that your friend falls into the first category.

As an aside, it's interesting how our culture causes us to respond to the hair loss of chemo. It's much more devastating for women. The Melissa Etheridges who feel comfortable without a wig are few and far between.

I love your blog. thanks for sharing. Peace, JJ

OE: My friend is on the mend and was in good enough spirits recently to email us pics of her bald head.

JJ: Many thanks. Feel free to join us anytime.

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