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May 09, 2005


I never thought I'd miss renting. I blame the commute and blogging, too.

Is it a job that really needs a full fledged contractor. I have a son that is a carpenter that might appreciate a little side work. We live in riverside

It probably doesn't need a full-fledge contractor. Just someone with a little more time! My wife says, yeah, we're interested.

We've had a hole in our kitchen ceiling for the past 5 years. Ever since one contracter opened it up to see if he could tell where the water was leaking in from the porch above.

Several thousand dollars and angry calls to the better business bureau later, it still leaks in heavy rains.

We're in no rush to close the hole.

I have a father in law who has helped in some of these situations, including the repair of our latticework at one point. Hint: if you get latticework, don't put it where a large puppy can get to it.

Regarding holes in the ceiling (psychotoddler), we bought our house with a roof cert in March 1997. By December 1997, El Niño had hit, and we were having roof leaks. After struggling for several months with the guy who provided the roof cert (he would patch here and there, but wouldn't really do anything), we brought someone else in to re-roof the back of the house, took the roof cert guy to small claims court, and won. (And he even paid us.)

Completely off topic: you might recognize a couple of the characters in this story, recently posted to the "Random Picture...Random Story" community blog. The story is based on this empoblog, which is itself partially based on some things I read here and there.

And if you think you can do better (and believe me, you can), you may want to consider contacting Buster Van Buren and joining the Random Picture...Random Story community (Blogger ID required). Basically, Buster posts a random picture every weekend, and the contributors spend the week trying to come up with stories to match the picture.

Very cool, OE. I'm too busy right now to join that blog, but what a fun idea.

Ok, I'll tell him about it and show him the pictures and see what he says. I think he can do it. He helped build Pechanga. Have you heard of that Indian casino.

Re Pechanga (sorry, Empress, but your comments area seems to be going all over the place), I've definitely heard of it. I've only visited the "new" Pechanga once, and only briefly. Haven't seen any of the other "new" casinos in Southern California yet. It's still not Vegas, though...

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