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May 18, 2005


Our little artist!

In my experience, play dough is only good once--the first time you open the can. After that, it's either dried out or mixed up with the other colors.

When will you people realize--it's a scam!

Oh, I was ever so anal about the playdoh. I think your gallery of playdoh art would be a big hit.

Yeah, I remember being all anal about the play-doh mixing myself. But then we wound up not playing with it cos it was too big a hassle for me to get it out and clean it up after. And then I realized that the kid didn't care if the colors were mixed, so I shouldn't either. Big relief. :)

I remember a kid in my nursery group who ate playdough.. *ick* wierd child she was.. not to say Seth is wierd at all.. but she was one kooky little girl..

I'm all for the playdough gallery.. and remember.. in a few years time, he can move onto the more grown up "Salt Dough".. i loved that stuff..

The first thing that comes to mind whenever I hear the word playdough is that delicious salty taste... (FYI, that is a memory from my childhood, not from my own kids' time!)

With my kids we went through so much play dough, the little tiny cans, the big cans, we actually did make our own a couple of times -- you're right, not worth the effort or food wasted.

I do remember initially feeling a bit neurotic about the mixing of colors, but that soon passed as I came to be much more concerned about the tiny bits of play dough that somehow, magically ended up migrating all over our apartment or house.

My wife has a recipe to make play dough (spelled that way to avoid copyright infringement). I don't know all of the recipe, but I do know that she adds Kool Aid to the mix. Sweet smelling play dough.

PT: Everything marketed to kids is a scam. So what else is new?

JJ: Thanks. You're cordially invited to the opening.

Julia: There's a huge freedom in realizing that a) it just doesn't matter and b) it costs only a couple bucks to replace anyway.

Elle: Salt dough ... sounds vaguely like something I'd buy in a Swedish bakery.

Chip: I think those bits of dough have migrated to my house by now.

OE: Kool-Aid, peanut butter, dried milk ... and to think, some people try feeding their kids broccoli or peas.

lol Anne.. i seem to remember it was something along the lines of water + flour + ridiculous amount of salt = dough that's shapeable, bakeable and paintable! I made a duck. ;)

My son loves to mix the colors. I don't think that we could ever keep them separate without starting World War 3.

You would have loved me as a kid. I couldn't have the least little speck of another color in my Play-Doh. If it didn't remain its originally intended hue, to the trash it went.

Jack, QC, welcome. I am now drowning in Play-Doh, having just been sent a box of 12 (!) cans from the nephew I scolded. Serves me right, I suppose.

Anyone for a Play-Doh party? Sounds vaguely kinky, I know.

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