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July 11, 2005


Oh man! I remember when mine used to come out like JETS. My daughter quickly realized that when she latched on that she didn't have to put in much effort. My son would latch on & suckle with a vengeance & end up having to let go because he's end up coughing because there was too much.

Wow. I go to yahoo with the search combo "eat + smell + play-doh", and end up at website reading over details about somebody's boobs. Question: Why do you write about this? And does it not bother your husband? I don't think I would be too comfortable with my wife going online discussing her tits with total strangers. (Or friends, for that matter.)

Clint, it doesn't bother me in the least. I knew my wife was a writer before we started dating.

The Mam Cam. That is pretty funny.

Well, as long as you're happy with it :)

Still, I am surprised at where a search for Play-Doh will lead you... heh, heh, heh...

I have a pair of nursing bras ordered from JC Penney that are called Expectant Moments style #4173 that turned into really good bras once I removed the underwires. After 6 months of nursing the lace is starting to fall apart, but each attempt to replace them (less expensively) has not resulted in finding such a good bra. I guess I just need to bite the bullet and order more.

Ha ha ha ha ha
Thanks again Anne, for making me fall off my chair I laughed soooooo
hard! :)
I am an F cup~36, and I am not preganant~so I know where you are coming from!

Anne, there has to be a better way to increase your site traffic!

So far, my employer (a Fortune 500 company) has not added this domain to its list of banned sites.

And to my knowledge (not that I would know), Spearmint Rhino does not feature lactating dancers.

P.S. If you and Plosh decide to move to Chino, I'll know why.

Off topic P.P.S. Have you noticed that the dairies have a mixture of Danish and Spanish names? You haven't?

Grace and Rayne: Isn't it a shame your kids will have absolutely no recollection of what you went through for them? All that bonding, cuddling and half-drowning them and they grow up ingrateful and junk-food addicted like anyone else. Makes you wonder ...

Clint: Hope you found that smelly, edible Play-Doh.

Jack: Y'think? I wouldn't really have the nerve to do it though. Just to write about it.

PT: This from the guy who once filled a post with not-so-subliminal mentions of hot A$ian teen$. People who live in glass blogs ...

Babac: Don't mention it. Anything I can do to make my well-endowed sisters around the world giggle.

OE: No, I've no idea what any of the dairies in Chino are named. Do tell.

OMG I'm coming late to this particular party/blog entry but boy did I laugh (and boy do I relate...being a former 34DD who's now exploded up to a 38G here on my second kid). I can't find a decent nursing bra that doesn't make me look like a uniboob grandma. And I've got literally gallons of milk stashed away in my freezer already and my second kid is only 4 months old! I hate to just throw away all that so-called "liquid gold" but sheesh, am I *ever* going to use all that milk? I love the ice cream idea though...maybe for my kid's first birthday I can serve homemade booby ice cream. HAHAHAHAHA....

Thanks for a great post. And oh yeah, good luck with that new one! Having two is really a whole new world...

Hey I'm already a 36HH and TTC at the moment =)

Oh and I'd suggest not hitting the baby with them, that would probably be considered abuse ;)

If it makes you feel any better, I and at least two other friends seriously investigated that whole 'donate your breast milk to preemies' thing, since we too were drowning in the stuff. When I was done nursing our second child, we actually had to throw away the couch it had been soaked so many times! Eeeewww!

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