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July 05, 2005


I can't believe we bought a vehicle with more square footage than our house.

Empress, let me be the one to break it to you. You are now officially suburban. :)

Only two weeks? Hope the time passes quickly.

Every morning when I switch on my computer, yours is the first blog on my favourites that I read.
What will I do when the new baby comes? I will have serious withdrawal symptoms! :)

Every morning when I switch on my computer, yours is the first blog on my favourites that I read.
What will I do when the new baby comes? I will have serious withdrawal symptoms! :)

The Honda Odyssey is a sweet ride. And it's Japanese, so less likely to spend more time in the shop than in your driveway.

I would have bought one if there was some way to cram my family into it. Enjoy, and as they say in Jewville: Beshaa Tova (may your baby come in the appropriate time).

OE: Aak! Say it isn't so. Actually, my family's been teasing me about the same thing. Oddly enough, my very hip, metrosexual younger brother just bought his bride the same car!

Babac: Many thanks. One of these years I'll get this blog back on track, promise. I may even get time to visit other blogs -- imagine that!

PT: Many, many thanks. I'm having a planned c-section, but that's no guarantee she won't decide to debut early. She'll get here when she's good and ready, or we'll yank her out by the ears.

Metrosexual...Honda Odyssey. The mind reels. Next Ryan Seacrest will start chewing tobacco.

May your hospital stay be happy. My daughter was born at San Antonio BEFORE they set up the special deluxe birthing rooms...

The Odyssey, pretty cool. We are in the process of looking at them and the Sienna.

OE: Many thanks, but I won't be in one of the fancy rooms either. C-sections get the equivalent of 3rd class steerage right by the nurses station, where it's noisy and crowded. Ah well.

Jack: We looked at the Sienna too. It was this/close for us, but the Honda had more goodies come standard. People get very partisan about their choice in minivans, I noticed.

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