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July 28, 2005


So that's how they get women to keep having babies. They drug us up to the eyeballs so we can't remember how much it hurts *grin*

Good to see you back online Anne, how are you all doing?

Welcome back Anne! We missed you!
I think the baby is soooooooo cute and like you! :)

Well, congratulations again. The birth on my first daughter (she is 15 now) seems like yesterday. After 20 hours of labor (NO - no drugs for me) and 4 hours of pushing (Hey - what's going on here?) they decided on a c-section. The spinal they gave me was so high up I couldn't feel myself breath. I remember screaming and I mean screaming I couldn't breath. I remember my doctor looking me right in the eyes as I laid on the table and saying "JJ, if you couldn't breath you wouldn't be screaming. Now please shut up and let me do my job!" Oh yeah, I also remember when they said they were going to do a c-section that I scream "Give me drugs now". It was so great that 14 months later to the day I was back doing it again for the second time, daughter #2 is now 14. I wouldn't trade a single second of either birth. I wouldn't trade a single second of the past 15 years. And I'm proud to say I will be the proud parent of a bouncing 14 year old foster child a week from today. I wonder if they give foster parents baby showers...lol. Relax, enjoy, and congratulations one more time!
Peace and Love,

Kitty: We're adjusting. Lael sleeps days, feeds all night. Yikes. I keep taking my meds: at least the boobs feel no pain!

Babac: Thanks! I think she's stuck with her Dad's honker, though. It's very cute, in a funny, big-nose kinda way.

JJ: What a very beautiful sentiment, thanks. I also wouldn't trade a single moment, or at least the moments I can remember.

Catching up after an extended vacation/business trip. The last paragraph of this post is classic - all the hoopla is over, all the guests are gone, and mom and baby are alone, wondering what will happen next. Touching.

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