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September 15, 2005


I read that right now they need cash more than goods, not sure how true that is but I did see it.

Oh, I'm sure it's true. The Katrina victims'll need jobs too and decent housing, but I haven't any of those things to give them. Prayers and books -- that I can give by the truckload.

I read both your sites via Bloglines RSS feed, so I almost certainly don`t actually appear on your site-counter most days even though I read what you write :-)
BTW, there are seven subscribers to Inland Empress on Bloglines, and eight subscribers to Book Buds....

Wow, I had no idea! That definitely perks me up. Someday I have to figure out how all that works.

Wow, I had no idea! That definitely perks me up. Someday I have to figure out how all that works. Thanks!

Basically, you tell Bloglines what blogs you want them to keep track of, and when you log into your Bloglines page, it shows which of your chosen blogs have been updated in the last 12 to 24 hours. Just click, and you can read a summary or the whole posting through your Bloglines page.
It saves me hours....but you don`t get to see what comments people have left on all these blogs unless you physically go and visit the blog`s homepage and read them there.

Hope that makes sense; we have just spent seven consecutive hours moving boxes at home, and I`m just about ready for bed at 8.45pm

And now I'll have to return the favor by visiting your blog. Loved the photo of your daughter in her uniform! Green is her color, definitely.

You know what? It's good to be too busy to blog. You've got much more important things to do. But it's nice to hear from you every so often!

We have bookcases full of children's books for the kids (as you can imagine, each of our kids added to the collection over the years).

My favorites are still the Dr. Seuss books, and in particular, the tongue twisters like Fox in Socks. Those are fun for me and for the kids.

Many thanks, PT. I try to check in on your blog every now and then just so I don't fall too far behind. Hope Fudge is enjoying college and you don't miss her too much.

And Dr. Seuss rocks.

Fudge will be home at the end of next week for the holidays!

Also love 4 Pups and a Worm!

L'Shana Tova (Happy New Year) to the PT clan and all my other Jewish readers. All two of you.

Belated Happy New Year, I guess. (I kept track of these things much more easily when my boss was named Zeev.)

Your kids will appreciate the books later. It's sad to see that some homes have books and encourage reading, while others don't. With such literary parents, your kids will certainly appreciate the written word.

I just found you and Book Buds! I LOVE Book Buds, so you'll have my hits on your counter from now on.

Many thanks, OE, and welcome, Cheryl.

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