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December 11, 2005


So glad it was a fun evening out for you. Put me on the guest list next time I'm in your neck of the woods!

It'll be interesting to read the POVs of each of you...

Uhm, actually Neil still has a wife, and she didn't "show up anyway," she was invited. ;)

Sophia: Whoops, you have to get used to my sarcasm. Of course you were invited. No offense intended. Sorry for the mistaken marital status too, but the emails kept referring to you as the "ex" so I made the wrong assumption. My bad.

It was a treat meeting you and your hubby. What a nice evening!

"I looked around the table and saw eight hardcore dweebs. What's so different?"

HA! Everyone writes "LOL", but that actually got an out-loud laugh out of me. And of course, it's true. There wasn't a single high-powered socially dominant alpha dog in that bunch (which may be why we got along so well).

I am glad that I was the catalyst that enabled all these fine people to get together. And allowed you and Plosh to get a much needed night out (and the Beans as well).

Come visit us in WI one day!

Regarding your "peculiar fact" - perhaps you're just contrarian. I myself become a Communist among baby seal clubbers, a baby seal clubber among Communists, an acoustic music fan among electropeople, an electro fan among acousticists, and so forth.

Let me know if your phrase "I got to keep my top on for most of the meal" results in increased search hits. If so, I'll steal it. :)

Empress - you rock! But I need to set the record straight. Everything you said is the way I remember it, but I was stumped on the "huggy, lovey-dovey" stuff. I think now that you were referring to his arm around me while we were conversing after dinner, outside, on Pico, which I think I can explain - To quote from "The Pianist":

"I was cold!"

Awww ... but I thought it was so sweet. And I liked thinking of you two that way. You inspired me to hold hands with my hubby going back to the car, even.

Understand that in El-Lay, "cold" means "below 70 degrees." This leads to wild behavior, I guess.

ANNE! Long time no see. How are you?

TM! I read your Jewlicious post on poor Neil's War-on-Christmas satire and almost emailed you.

I'm fine. Check out the baby photos. I look like a cow, but a happy cow at least.

Happy Holi ... er, Hanukkah.

I've been catching up on stuff I've meant to read for a while - including the story of the blogger-fest from different POVs. This is my first visit to your site. As a mama in my own right, I must tell you, your kids are adorable. I can't get over how beautiful your daughter is! My first was also a c-section and was gorgeous when he was born. Still is, thank G-d. Was this your first c-section? I remember feeling so detached from the whole process as I did nothing but lie on the table. I look back at it now differently, but at the time, I was so disappointed. I wanted to hold my baby. I wanted to feed him. Why am I unloading this all on you? I have no idea. I'll stop now. Love your writing though, so I'll be checking back now and then!

Ayelet: Many thanks and welcome! This was my second C-section, and my last. I've been spayed. Um, so to speak.

Yeah, C-sections don't really give you that warm, maternal feeling, especially when all those stitches start to itch. Yow.

Feel free to unload anytime. This blog is like my living room. Put your feet up, sip some tea and kvetch away.

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