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February 03, 2006


I snuck off to the mall when I was 12 to get my ear pierced, bringing along my older brother to act as my "guardian" to sign whatever permission slips were needed. They, of course, didn't buy it, so I had to return with my mother which sort of ruined the whole counter-culture, rebelliousness aspect I was aiming for.

I readily admit to enjoying Thomas. Most of those toys are quiet and that is a big bonus these days.

No bells, whistles or horns.

Gooch: Yeah, my mother pierced my ears with hypodermic needles and ice cubes. Talk about taking the fun out of it.

Jack: Oh, I like them a lot, actually. They're the best toys he has, and it's amazing to see how much they spark his imagination. I just like to poke fun, especially since we've sunk so much money into them.

I've been stuck with so many needles since that one dental adventure, I don't care anymore.

Our girl does look cute even though someone used a hole punch on her ears.

I'm like your husband. I have to tell the nurses that I faint when they take blood. I'm woozy just reading this.

And nice re-design!

Many thanks, Neil. I had fun fiddling around with it.

You know your so is going to want those pierced ears too.

ooops! *son*

Me? I'm all for it. The hubby? Over his dead body.

In all *my* blogging about Victoria Gardens, I neglected to mention the car thingie. When I first visited Victoria Gardens within a few weeks of its opening, all of the streets were shut down because of the crowds. If I recall correctly, they were also shut down that first Christmas. But I don't think they've been shut down since.

American and European countries differ in regard to their respect for pedestrians. In 2000, I spent a couple of weeks in Switzerland, and the cars there would stop even if I was thinking about getting anywhere near the street. The day after I returned I was in an Albertson's parking lot and nearly got clobbered when I forgot that I wasn't in Switzerland any more.

Has Falwell outed Percy yet?

I'm with Plosh on the earrings for boys thing.

I don't understand why anybody pierces a baby's ears. Don'tcha have enough difficulties already? I wasn't allowed to get mine pierced until I was old enough to take care of them myself.

I'm needle-phobic like Plosh. How do you get doctors to give you sedatives? They always just torture me callously, heedless of my terrified screams. Relax... yeah right!

Hi all,

I'm almost 37 and deathly scared of needles...not of the pain but b/c I faint all the time b/c I get nervous before a needle. I had my ears pierced when I was 5 but asked my mom to take them out and never got them done again - now as an adult I'm dying to get them pierced again but won't b/c I'm scared of fainting! Can anyone suggest how I can get this done without fearing I'll faint?

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