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February 07, 2006


Coffee- Yum. Love my coffee.

I knew someone would catch that. Hee hee. I never developed a taste for it, really. Coffee ice cream -- yes. Starbucks -- no. I guess I'm strange.

Remember that post you had a few days ago about events that convinced you that you were a terrible parent? Mine was a week or so ago when I fed my 17-mo-old HOT!!! (as in the opposite of cold, not spicy) refried beans. I didn't even know the kid was capable of making sounds that loud.

Ouch. Bad Daddy! Just kidding. 17 mos. old, huh? Wow, how time flies.

Before you start feeding garlic and chili peppers, remember that what goes in must come out... :)

Well, now that you're talking food...why not go global. Take the kids restaurant touring! Prepare them for a global economy...Or find out what kids their age eat in China/India/South America/Indonesia and introduce them to it..... That's what my parents did and I ADORE eating things I haven't had before.

OE: I prefer not to think of it ...

Nadine: Yummy! Sounds like a plan.

Look out for raisins...what goes in, must come out (unfortunately,exactly the same as it went in)...Oh, the horror!

Randi: Funny you should mention that. We just had Milkula's first "raisin incident" last week when Minitaur fed it to her. One word: ew.

Regarding Global Kiddie Food:
Late november I was working with a fellow from China who was having MAJOR home sickness. In China "juk" is a kind of rice "soup". I made my version for him. He couldn't be believe anyone could make juk better than his mom. I haven't told him yet it's made from turkey, NOT chicken.... I can see him now in China trying to find a turkey......

Nadine: What an incredibly kind thing to do. By the way, we love soup in our household too. Hint hint ... ;-)

I am not sure about the foods on your list, but my Iranian friend has been giving chamomile tea to her infant since he was brought home from the hospital.

In the end, if you want yuck - trying feeding your child Blueberries. Now that is a gross site to see!

That does sound gross. Purplish-blue spit-up ... yum!

Not to mention my wife won't touch blueberries herself.

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