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March 18, 2006


I want everyone to know I did go through our medicine cabinet to find out what wonder drug my wife is taking. I'm pretty sure it's NOT the Ipecac.

I'm also pretty sure the air currents my wife is experiencing comes from our leaky windows. The thermals are from our heater.

You are an artist!
You have wings of imagination that in their majestic sweep produce beauty.
How fortunate is your family.

Who was the Greek character who flew too close to the sun, causing his wings to melt?

Until personal flying is improved, I'll have to stick with Google Maps (a 2-D representation, but good enough for me at the moment).

Thanks, Nadine.

OE, I'm shocked you haven't already downloaded Google Earth! Especially after I blogged about it a while back.

You get the satellite images in 3-D and you can do all sorts of neat "flying."

Try typing in Mt. Everest as a destination or the Grand Canyon or the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, for starters.

Anne, can I ask what the fantasies, from which you were so rudely awoken, were about? Ot is that being too cheeky?

Oops! Actually, I meant to say "Google Earth," but mistyped. My comment on the 2-D representation refers to the fact that in the general view, even if you tilt the image, it doesn't show 3-D buildings (unless you turn 3-D on, which I never do because I'm usually Googlecruising a place like Baker that doesn't include the 3-D stuff).

More on Google Earth. A programmer named Tim Hibbard, as a demonstration of some technology that can be used to track city vehicles, has set up a website where he tracks himself. In my "Technoblog" post Where's Tim, and why you should care, I talk about his demonstration site Where's Tim. The page shows his location on a Google Map, but you can click a button and fly to his location via Google Earth.

Adrian: The fantasy is just basically of me flying very, very far away from poopy diapers and spit-up. That's pretty much it. And also, I'm much skinnier in my fantasies, without having to diet or exercise.

OE: Very cool, and very over my head. If they can put a locator device on matching socks, I'd be all for it. GoogleSocks, anyone?

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